Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Got content? You need it. Why? Because it's already happening withoutyou.

Yelp. Twitter. Urbanspoon. TripAdvisor. Facebook. Yellowpages. Google Places. People are talking about your business, whether you want them to or not.

And if you're in the highly competitive, small-margin business, like the food industry, for example, it can be scary to have people telling your story when you don't have one of your own. (Please visit hanspetermeyer.com for the rest of this story).

Content basicsIf you've got a content strategy and are rolling it out, and especially if you're a food or beverage business doing so (because it's what we're about at EatDrinkMEDIA.ca), I want to hear from you. Please tell me about your content strategy here...

If you're wanting help (content creation, coaching, etc), and you've got content delivery mechanism (blog, Facebook page with Notes enabled, YouTube channel), I can help.

If you don't have these basic elements... time's a wasting folks!

-hpmChief Creative Officer
"media + research services for Vancouver Island's local food sector"

21 May 2013

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