Monday, May 13, 2013

Update and focus your content strategy to reach influentials

I came across this post by Jason Mogus this summer. It's a great summary of a "lead by communicating content that matters" message. I think this is an important strategy – for small businesses in the food/drink sector as much as it is for the NGO, big business, or government sector. Here's a quote:

"Many clients are asking whether it still makes sense to have a blog in today's busy world. Related questions about how to focus diffuse social media experiments, what the point of their website is, and whether they need to refresh their email newsletters all point to the lack of an up to date organizational content strategy. As most folks I work with are in the business of influencing decision makers, with important solutions, analysis, and commentary on the major issues of our times, the answer is clear: yes you need to do it all well!"

Jason's latest post talks about the importance of keeping the focus on the "one big thing" that you, your business, your organization is about – at the same time as covering the many bases needed to be effective as a communicator. More good stuff. Thanks Jason!

If you're interested in what this means for you, as the owner of a restaurant, local food co-op, chef, bartender, or anyone involved in local food on Vancouver Island, be in touch.

14 November 2012 

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