Monday, May 13, 2013

Is your Vancouver Island local food business getting enough attention?

Results of our week 13 question

Our #26QLocalFood series of questions about Vancouver Island local food is about several things. Most of all, it's about getting attention for local food businesses.

But it's also about getting people thinking about the Island's local food and beverage sector. As others post and comment, the "presence" of this sector as part of our food system and as part of our regional economy is elevated. A good thing.

Market research
Secondly, it tells those of us working in the sector – whether as growers/producers, vendors, or in marketing – about the "state of the online conversation." How informed are people? Where are we missing the mark? Where are we hitting the mark? What are the opportunities for growth? What are the obstacles? And so on. Basic market research.

Three, it tells us who is doing a good job of getting their message out, and who's got a devoted volunteer marketing force at work for them. This graphic is an example. We asked you to tell us about 5 Vancouver Island wineries you've visited or are planning to visit. How many wineries are there on Vancouver Island? One of my trusted wine sources says about 46 (the number changes frequently). How many were identified as "places visited or planning to visit?" 18. And at least 2 of these are not wineries but cider producers.

Want to get noticed?
Are Island wineries doing a good job of getting their name "out there" and in front of media-savvy folks? It doesn't look like it.

If you're a Vancouver Island producer and you want to be noticed there is help available. It's what we do at via blogs, print, and But we're just one option and may not fit what you want to do. There are plenty of writers, photographers, videographers, and skilled social media folks who can help you change your game. Get in touch with them – or us – and get your brand and your flavour on the tips of people's tongues. Once you've convinced them you're worth tasting, they'll be helping sing your song.

13 May 2013

ps. one of the easiest ways to raise your profile amongst Island food-savvy folks is to work with us on  one of our Island local food campaigns. We're all about growing the local food culture and economy on the Island. Take a look and see if our values are consistent with yours. 

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